Family Fun | Edmonton Family Photographer

This family loves to be goofy and have fun so they asked if I’d be interested in shooting a Holi powder fight.  (Just like those colour me rad runs)  I’m always up for trying new things so of course I said yes!  We took some before pictures while the excitement was building.  When the powder throwing started, it took less than five minutes to be done.  It went by so fast but was so enjoyable to watch and shoot.

Take a look below at some of the pictures from the shoot!



Maxen’s Cake Smash | Edmonton Family Photographer

Do you remember the Valentine baby?  Well here he is one year later.  Life changes fast for little ones in their first year of life and defiantly so for Maxen.  He was a little shy at first but warmed up fast.  Especially when he realized he was allowed to just sit there and eat cake!  (who wouldn’t?!?)  He had great encouragement from his older brother Mason, who was just waiting patiently for him to be done so he could get a taste.  I always have a great time when photographing these little cuties.  Here are just a few pictures from this shoot.



Kirstin & Leith | Edmonton Photographer

Meet the winners of my Valentine’s Day contest!  Kirstin and Leith were such a blast to shoot.  Sessions like this make me realize how much I love my job.  So many laughs, that it feels like I’m just hanging with friends.  After thirteen years together, you can see and feel how much love they have for one another.  Here are just a few of my favourites from their session.




Simpson Family | Edmonton Photographer

I want you to meet the Simpson Family.  This family was such a blast to shoot and it’s such a compliment when clients tell me that they had fun!  A photoshoot should be fun experience!  I know parents sometimes feel like their children are extra crazy when having a shoot and that there’s no way I got a good picture.  Well let me tell you a secret.  When I’m on the other side of the camera, I can feel like this.  I’ve learned to embrace it!  When the kids are being themselves, it’s when you’ll get genuine moments of who they are at this stage in their life.

Below are some of the photos from our session.  Enjoy!




Sunset Love

I recently had a contest for a sunset shoot and Ben and Sheena were one of the winners.  They have been married for four years and are still so in love and absolutely adorable!  That’s the way it should be!  They made this shoot super easy for me and I had a lot of fun.  I hope you love these photos as much as I do.


True Beauty

I’ve known this beauty for awhile now.  I’ve been friends with her sister for about 15 years.  Our kids go to the same school and two years ago she bought the house one over from us.  One thing you’ll notice about Ximena is that she is truly beautiful!  I’m not just talking about the obvious like her physical beauty, but on the inside.  She is always smiling and always thoughtful of the wellbeing of others. She is very dedicated to her family and is an overall fabulous person to be around.  She was super excited to do this boudoir shoot and made it so easy.  You can tell she is confident in her body and sexy as hell!  We had a blast!